Today, I am going to write some realities about Amazon. Which I discovered while selling there. Some of you will believe them and some will say that these are only conspiracy theories.

Amazon is not only selling in North America. Entering new markets like Europa and Japan.

You will see in Amazon, products have different delivery times. While some are same day, some are up to 1 month. Same day delivery ones are stocked in US. And 99% of 1 month delivery time ones are stocked in China, which we will talk about in this article.

If we say with ratios:

  • 5% of the products in Amazon are genuine brands, which are stocked in the US.
  • 15% are imported from China and stocked in US.
  • 80% are imported from China with drop shipping method.

Lets explain what is drop shipping. Seller lists an item, buyer buys it, and seller buys the item from merchant in China and writes shipping address as buyer’s address. And buyer doesn’t have any idea of where the item comes from.

( Drop shipping is a new method of e-commerce. Business owners creates a online sales web site and fills it with Chinese products which he finds from Aliexpress. It doesn’t require buying stocks so a lot of people enters this business with a budget from $100. Today, the best service to create a drop shipping business is Shopify. You can create very nice e-commerce sites without any knowledge about coding, and improve your site with Shopify‘s free and paid apps. It is definitely worth to invest some dollars to try it. )

easy e commerce drop shipping shopify

I will show you how merchants selling on Amazon make double profits with some of the best sellers of Amazon.

Comfort Click Belt

Comfort click belt is one of the best selling belts on Amazon. It doesn’t have any holes and fits any size between 28″ and 48″ perfectly. A great belt for people who are tired of opening new holes to their belts.

Comfort Click Belt

Amazon sells the cheapest one for $14.99 (follow this link to see it).

While you can find exactly the same item on Aliexpress for $5.92. (follow this link to see the page)

So where the difference between the two prices goes? Amazon takes about %15 of the price for itself as a fee (which is $2.25). And the rest ($6.82) goes to a guy sitting on his computer. So you can buy it with 60% less price from Aliexpress. Just making a one minute search.

Slim Leather Wallet

Slim wallets are trending these days. And someone earns good money from them. Here is another example. A nice leather wallet and card holder. One of the best selling wallets on Amazon.

leather slim wallet card holder

You can buy it from Amazon for $9.80. It is actually $15 but there is a discount and they say you save $5.20. And they ship it free if you buy more than $25 from their store. (follow this link for Amazon product page)

Of course, you can find the same item in But I’ve found it this time for you. They sell the exact same item for $4.18 with completely free shipping. If you want faster delivery, you need to pay extra $1.99 for ePacket service. (follow this link for Aliexpress product page)

Congratulations, you saved 57% by buying the same item from Aliexpress.

Black Necktie & Handkerchief Set

Most common accessory of a black suit is a black necktie. And you should complete it with a matching pattern and color handkerchief. This guys on Amazon realized it before everyone else and selling matching neckties and pocket squares with a fair price. But could it be fairer?

black necktie tie pocket square handkerchief set

Nice necktie and handkerchief set in Amazon is being sold for $10.99, they say the actual price is $14.99 and you save $4 by buying it. They also provide free shipping if you shop for more than $25 from the same store. (follow this link to see Amazon product page)

You can buy the same item from Aliexpress for $7.99 with absolute free shipping in 12-20 days. (follow this link for Aliexpress product page)

You save 30% by buying the exact same thing from Aliexpress.

Self Balancing Scooter

Easiest way for short distance transport in cities is a self balancing two wheel electric scooter. Well, you will fall very bad for few times but will learn how to ride it quickly. They have a light to ride in dark. How much you will save by buying it from a different sales channel? Lets see.

two wheel electric scooter

In Amazon, best selling one is this. It has led lights and bluetooth speakers. You can buy it from Amazon for $249.95 with free shipping. (follow this link for Amazon product page)

But after a 30 seconds search on Aliexpress, you will find the same item for $209.99 with free shipping with FedEx (8-16) days. (follow this link for Aliexpress product page)

Congratulations, you saved 15%. The ratio is low, but when you calculate in dollars, you can see you save $40 by only making a 30 seconds Aliexpress search.


After seeing how much money you can save by a little internet search from these 4 products, I am pretty sure that you will search the same product in Aliexpress before buying anything from Amazon.

We all know that you don’t save money by buying something. You save money by buying something you’ve decided to buy for cheaper price. Don’t believe “You Save $XX” sentences in online stores. Search it, and you will see how much actually you save.

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