We see scientists develop new technologies everyday. But how many of these we can buy for ourselves? Lets check some of them.

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4k Action Cameras

This is the final point for video recording technology. It can record 4K without additional case at depth up to 33ft. And has built-in Wi-fi and bluetooth. You can find the product here.


You will no longer get lost at anywhere. In desert or deep in the sea. New smartwatches have built-in GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope. Yes, a gyroscope. Geek Squad watches of Apple are water-resistant up to 50 meters. You can check Apple Geek Squad here.

Item Trackers

If you end the thefts, will the world be a better place. With these new coin sized trackers, you will never lose your properties. You attach it to your mobile phone or wallet with double-sided adhesive or to your keys with included metal ring. You connect it with your mobile phone via bluetooth and track your items with the app installed to your device. And the best thing is, if the tracker is out of range, and another user walks by the map will update with the item’s location. Take a look at the product here.

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

Not talking to the gamers only. You can play games or watch movies from inside. Don’t ever try watching a scary movie if you want to live long. You can even use your virtual hands in games with this equipment. And check the VR headset here.

Best Buy Co, Inc.


Shut up and take my money! The one propelled drone comes with cockpitglasses which turns your fun time to real first person flight experience. Has range up to 1.24 miles. Its battery provides 45 minutes of flight. Product page is here.

Smart Collars

Simply a smartwatch for pets. You will never lose your little friend again. Your pet can explore wherever it wishes because its water-resistant collar can be tracked with smartphone via built-in GPS. Check the product here. And here is a GoPro mount for dogs if you want to turn your dog into a little secret agent.

Automatic Pet Feeders

Well your pet won’t starve when you are away anymore. This automatic pet feeder can be controlled by any device. You can watch your pet with built-in camera anytime and it plays your recorded voice at feeding time. Just don’t forget that their biggest need is love. Find the product here

Best Buy Co, Inc.