Do you want to start your own online store? Or do you want to open a retail shop? But your budget doesn’t allow you to buy a whole truck or container of goods. You are one of us.

Select your niche

Niche means the category you want to jump in or your target audience. Like GSM accessories or a flower shop. You can’t simply sell smartphones and mac&cheese in the same shop. Actually you can but please don’t do it you are not Walmart.

Look for a good place/domain

Shop rents are different and have variables like country, city, street, location on street, size etc. It is always nice to have a display windowed store on a beautiful(crowded) street but if you sell people’s needs and you are the only shop that specifies on sunglasses in town, people will come to you after they know you. You can rent a shop at a cheaper place if there is no competition. And think ten times before starting the business because you will pay that rent at least 1 year. Choose the size wisely. Bigger shop means bigger rents.

If you are in to starting an online store, your domain name is your location in street and your design is your display window. Better domain names are more expensive. You can check domain names at And you can hire a designer at and make your website designed by professionals with very low costs like starting from 100$.

hire a designer developer translator

Forget about Alibaba

Yes, they have very low prices but in Alibaba, you are contacting directly with producers and buying from producers. For example, you want to open a small tableware shop but a producer has glass, other has ceramic and the other one has steel products. And the producers in Alibaba don’t even speak about low quantities. What will you do with 50000 pcs. 8″ ceramic plates if 25000 people lives in your town.

Try to find good wholesalers

First, we need to clarify that. Producers sell to distributors, distributors sell to wholesalers and wholesalers sell to shops. Probably you can’t buy anything from a place 2 steps above you.

This is the only way if you don’t want to sell Chinese. First go to nearest warehouse complexes. You will find 1-2 wholesalers for your interests. Don’t be afraid to drive to other cities (even other countries if you are in EU) to find new good quality goods.

And there are a lot of wholesalers on the roads with their bus filled. Don’t worry, they will find you. They will try to sell you everything please don’t spend your money for the items you don’t have experience with.

Find some interesting Chinese products

You need to increase attraction of your shop, but you can’t find everything you want at your wholesalers. Now, there is only thing left to do. You will look China for your cure. I can suggest 2 websites for it.

First is This website is a small quantity version of Alibaba. Product range is massive like Alibaba. But MOQ (Minimum order quantity) of all products is 1. But for most of products price for 1 piece decreases if you order higher quantities.

The second one is Has a quite large product range. Some of them has 1 MOQ some has 50. Price decreases if the quantity increases like aliexpress.

The best thing about these two websites is that you can put anything in your cart and pay them all together easily with your credit card. And only wait for your stocks to come at your hands.

Don’t forget to go to customs office and make legal documentation of your purchases

Or it will be illegal to sell them anyway. You don’t have to know your countries trade laws. You are paying an accountant to know these.

Create easy website with WixEcwid

And one last thing. If you want credit card payment in your online store… If you build your website with hosting services like Ecwid, Wix, Shopify etc., you can easily install credit car payment services with built in plugins. If you want to hire a designer to build your website, he/she knows how to do it for sure.