Today, who has not heard about selfie? It is way of fun, to be trend, to show how attractive you are. So, do not just put the camera at your face and shot without any plan. Do your own best with some tricks.

1. Find the perfect light

Selfie light trick tip
First and essential part of the any picture is the perfect light. Natural light makes your skin look amazing and your hair shiny, also hides skin problems.

2. Find your own pose

Selfie pose

Posing is like a signature, it will be your style. Preferentially put the camera up above a little bit your head and tilt your head at an angle. This is most popular and trustful method. Some practicing will help you to find best position fitting your physical properties and features.

3. Some magic

Highlight makeup

Put some minimal make up. Apply highlighter on your nose, chin, cheeks and forehead to give your skin glow. Especially lack of light, will be your savior. But as we know, less is more. The most natural look wins. Do not overdo make up.


4. Smile

Obama selfie

Leaving positive impact on people, giving good energy by warm smiling is memorable.

5. Use apps

Selfie app

There are so so many apps to edit your photos. Apps allow you to smooth over blemishes, color-correct your complexions, whiten your teeth. You can add stickers and personalize pics.

6. Background

Selfie background

Nature always a great choice for background; turquoise waters, blue sky, blossoming flowers, color of changing leaves in fall, winter sight…But background should not steal role! It is your selfie.

7. Use digital camera

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Selfie with professional camera

Professional cameras take flawless pictures as a normal. Their job is taking photos, phones’ are calling.